Spot or Cash Sales

– Grain is sold at the market price at the close of the market day.

Forward Contracts

– Allows you to lock in a price for future delivery.

10-day FREE Storage

– You are allowed to deliver grain and price within 10 days during trading hours. It is your responsibility to price this within the 10 days. If not priced within 10 days grain will be put into a delayed price contract with charges starting date of delivery. (DP rates will apply)

Delayed Price Contracts

– Deliver grain at your convenience, price the grain anytime during marketing hours. (DP rates will apply)

Target/ Offer Contracts

– Customer establishes a target price for a given delivery period and offer deadline.  If the price hits the target your grain is contracted (sold)

Basis Fix Contracts

– Select a delivery period and lock in the respective basis for that month.  Final pricing is done by date of first delivery, or First Notice day for the underlying future month.

HTA / Futures Fixed

– Establishes CBOT Futures Price, while leaving basis open.  A service fee may apply

Defer Payment Contract

– All sales can be deferred to Jan 1st of the next year. You must give us advance notice.